Monday 26 July 2010

CAWD renamed as Dadamac Foundation

CAWD has recently undergone some changes - most notably a change of name to Dadamac Foundation. This reflects the fact that CAWD needed to become more visible. The values and vision that caused the creation of CAWD remain at the core.

You can visit "the new CAWD" i.e. Dadamac Foundation on the Dadamac website at For more information regarding this change please contact Pamela McLean. Pam's email addresses are pam(at) (an address which may cease to function) and pamela.mclean(at) (the address which she uses most now).

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Introducing CAWD

CAWD - supports development projects in Africa and gets feedback through the Internet and personal contacts (UK registered charity number 1104228)

CAWD collaborates, on a personal level, with organisations and individuals who are involved in grass roots projects for community welfare and development in Africa . We only give to those we know and trust.

Current projects include:
  • Teacher training
  • Training of health workers
  • ICT related community development
  • Phone 4 Peace (Kenya)

Our work is not "top down" - it is grass-roots driven - channeled though local people who have links with the UK.

We use ICT (Information Communication Technology) to keep in contact, even if this has to be done through long journeys to a cyber cafe. We only work with projects that can provide feedback and evidence of results.

Our administrative costs in the UK are almost zero. We have no paid staff or office buildings. CAWD is run by two true volunteers working from home using their own Internet connections at their own expense.

Our main administrative costs to date are the costs of sending money - unavoidable fees paid for MoneyGrams or to Western Union.

CAWD works with projects in various parts of Africa. CAWD began through supporting a small community organisation in Oyo State in Nigeria. Gradually CAWD has found other people and projects with overlapping interests. We have started to work more closely together to increase our effectiveness.

CAWD is currently connected with projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria - and getting to know various projects elsewhere for possible future collaboration.

You can donate to CAWD online here.

Saturday 25 August 2007

Coming Soon......

Welcome to the CAWD blog - not yet active - please check back soon!!

This blog replaces the links and which are no longer active.